Why Numbers? The Main Characters and Their New Identities

Some people have said that numbers are really strange for a group of characters. Especially since "The Human Inside" has many amborgs. Some people say its complicated and some also think it's way too much.

I'll tell you what's too much though. I have to remember all these characters and their origin stories. But it's fun. These extra stories and content won't appear until future novels are published. But for now though, the main characters that everyone needs to know for the first book is David 117, Serina 43, Dr. John Kendrick, Mandy Walker, and a lot more.

I know that when I say, "a lot more," it's intimidating. But let me make it easier to understand that this novel is a debut. New story and new characters are part of a book that no one really knows except for myself. I mean, it's also hard enough having to consistently look at my character lists next to my desk but it's fun because this is a giant cast that I hope leaves a lasting impression.

The reason why numbers are what the amborgs use to identify themselves is part of what I hope makes them unique. In the book, it's because their identities are their own and the number they have is what signifies that their last names are kept a secret. They use their first names with an iconic number that people by default already know.

The inspiration for that actually comes from the a novel written by Yevgeny Zamyatin in 1921. I am talking about a novel I read in high school which is probably why not that many people know about it. Maybe they do but... I didn't discover it until high school. The novel "We."

The characters in "We" are all numbers part of society in a future. The main character is an engineer named D-503 with a lover called O-90 but he also has interest for I-330. Think that's complicated? At least I gave my characters first names. It is actually considered the grandfather of the satirical futuristic dystopian genre so if you're interested, hopefully it will also be an interesting read. But take it from someone who wrote essays about it... I can't read it again for fun anymore. Wink.

What I hope that my book does is that it makes for an interesting read since the cast stands out so well in my opinion. That is what I hope will be a shared perspective that every one of my readers will enjoy.


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