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Character Profile: Grandpa Mark

For today, why don't we talk about one of my favorite characters.

Grandpa Mark.

Now, I think the only reason why he comes up in today's post is because of what he does. One of my friends for instance loves what he does but his way of thinking is really annoying to her.

Minor spoiler, Mark's introduction into "The Human Inside" occurs when David 117, the M.C., encounters him on a routine deployment. The encounter results in Grandpa Mark stabbing 117 in the back with a knife which is what begins the path towards the next phase of the novel.

Now naturally, this type of introduction and character reveal is meant to be surprising. To my friend who specifically commented about a particular issue, then here's my reasoning.

It is true that 117 would harbor a lot of angst and distrust. Mark just happens to have a strange eccentric personality that wants what's best for his only living relative.

So... the question she asked, why was it necessary to stab 117 at the …

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