The Growing Support

Hey Everyone!

So, I have some pretty great news... and it only cost about ten bucks postage to get it there.

I was able to mail a copy of my book to Elizabeth Hughes down in L.A. to the Synch Chaos' Book Periscope review column. As far as I can tell, the premium package I got should get it there in two days.

Literally it was the first time I mailed something from the post office. I was feeling like, "Is this how it feels to adult?" Overall, I got great customer service even though I heard the postal service had bored employees who handle our mail.

That's just an opinion by the way from a rumor I heard a while back. No disrespect intended and my apologies to the Postal Service. You guys ship our mail so our messages can reach people far away.

Well now, Elizabeth Hughes will be getting a copy of my book for review now. So thank you!

Fingers crossed everyone. I hope the review is a good one.


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