About Relationships. (In the book.)

Hey everyone,

So I've been thinking a lot and also because a couple of people asked about it; what am I doing in my book for romance or relationships?

Another not so easy question. Obviously, the book doesn't center around on romance. Like, that's not what drives the story. But it is in there. I suppose.

The amborgs are all living from a completely new perspective. They learn how to be human, they live differently, and they experience being human in a new way. So naturally, they somehow connect and form relationships with each other or even regular humans.

I have never been in or  had a relationship of a dating kind with another before. So that's why there won't be a whole chapter of a character going on a date. I have no idea how to do it. I think the first book would be sappy and just cheesy if romance was the main driving point. It is at some point but I won't spoil it.

The characters are free to pursue relationships with whomever they like. I'll leave that up to the fanfiction authors who approve of the "O.T.P.s" and believe in the shipping. Yes. I just said ship.

Take David 117 and the main female lead, Serina 43. They both, quite simply are a couple because circumstances make them take their relationship further. It is not a "love at first sight" sort of thing. The two of them, prior to becoming cybernetically enhanced, are childhood and best friends that grew up together. They learned how to live with each other (Everyone stays Amborg Industries), and dealt with their struggles with each other.

Their relationship is my meager attempt to show that friends, over a long period of time, can discuss possibilities and talk about what it is they want for their futures. Best friend relationships are pretty awesome and I wanted to show that romantically, these kinds of interests and relationships are possible. I'm very close to my two best friends whom I have known since the sixth grade. Now it's been about nine years. Getting close to ten now. They'll probably correct me if they read this.

As I write the sequel, the chemistry and the development of the characters become easier to write since I've grown so fond of them. Relationships will be pursued and I will learn how to write better with each passing moment. Speaking of which, read the next paragraph for a little personal extra.

I'll also let you in on something really important to me. I met this one beautiful woman a few months ago and I can't stop thinking about her. Normally, I wouldn't show any interest but there she is, every day on my mind. She's busy with school so I wait. As I wait, I feel the drive to keep writing, keep publishing, and keep working. I hope she understands how great this all makes me feel. If anyone is out there reading this, then maybe... I could use some advice on what I could do to continue waiting for her. I really like her and I feel that she's the one. I just don't want to constantly annoy her because every time I get paranoid or anxious, I feel like asking if she still likes me. (She has said she likes me by the way. But with someone like me, my heart soars whenever she says it every now and then.)

Thanks for listening everyone. This is a post that confirms my point of view on romance... Sort of. But it is in the book. Please do not look that as the main point of the story though. I promise there is comedy, action and a lot of thrills for all ages.


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