Special News and Thanks

Hey guys.

Wow it has been a while. I promise to do better in my posts but things have been crazy hectic.

My regular jobs are killing me but at least they haven't killed my ability to write. My weekend job is at a ramen restaurant in Oregon. Yeah it sounds like there are a lot of those but it's a great place and I love the owner. It's my weekday job that kills my feet.

I work for Nike Catering at the Nike World HQ which sounds exciting but all I do is feed hungry people lunches and dinners. This last week we had a couple thousand people show up for a big event. So... I busted my feet working. I'm super sore but at least when I write, I'm sitting down to relax what's left of my lower body.

But the great news I have for you guys out there is... I was assigned a publicist. I'm not sure I'm saying that correctly... Maybe I'll just say that... I am now working with a publicist to market and advertise my book.

Christina Deptula is the publicist that I am happy to announce is helping me make this happen. She and her team will be on my support system and I am really excited to start this part of the adventure.

Also on the note of special thanks, I have to thank Fiona McVie for featuring me on her website where I did an online interview with her. Literally, just a regular Q&A but it was really fun.

So I'm giving a special thanks for the great news and for these people that have turned and looked my way for my book. I hope it goes really well for the future.


Fiona McVie's site with my interview. Please take a look!



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