The Setting and the Characters

Naturally, who would even pick up this book without having context? How stupid can I be if I expect anyone to know about the book but not about the story? Without spoilers of course. That was rhetorical in case anyone didn't get that.

With a total of 514 pages, (yeah I know what you're thinking. It's a lot. But guess what, it is twice the size of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Also 100 pages less than the sixth and seventh book too), let me see if I can continue to pique your curiosity about it.

Naturally, I wanted to put it in the future. Because I'm a big fan of the unknown and it's always interesting to write about the future when it is unknown. 

The next topic that is the main point of interest is cybernetics. Anyone a fan of cyborgs? Well, my version is called "Amborgs." To me, cyborg gave me the mental image of a person with external implants right?  My version is that the cybernetic enhancement is all internal. In this story, my characters keep their original human physical appearance but have the abilities of an enhanced computer in their brain along with many other added physical traits.

Why young adults? Well, I have a couple of kids that I babysit to thank for that. It was also useful because it is my goal to make these characters appealing to people of all ages. There's a lot of them, major and minor characters, just so you all know. I will probably go into character descriptions later.

Now it's never simple and an easy life. My characters still have their fair share of personal problems since they are technically the first of their kind among humans. They have a heavy responsibility to carry.

For those who don't know, dystopian means an imagined state or place is unpleasant or bad. Now, not everything is bad, that's why the description specifically says "bordering" but it is a setting that you would have a hard time living in if you were part of the middle or lower class of society. The amborgs are at the ready to help. Like a group of teenage robo-cops, these are kids who choose a new kind of life to make a difference. 


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