About what it is to be exact.

Greetings, hello and whatnot.

I am Y.T. Cheng. Those are my author initials. My friends know what those initials stand for. We will see how long it will be until my full name is revealed. Anyone who reads this will hopefully have fun with that.

I am the author of a new science fiction series that I hope to put out there for readers of all ages.

If you want to know more, then I will most likely be here. Hoping that someone out there wants to know.

It includes a steady cast of characters, a very gripping story line and the proper introduction to future books in my mind.

Now, it will be an adventure I want to share with as many as I possibly can. It won't be the best book you've read, but I can make sure that I will do my best to hook readers with a story that stands out by itself.

Currently I am working on the sequel so there will most likely be time for those that want to pick it up now.

The book is called, "The Human Inside" by me of course and I hope everyone likes it. It is available on Google, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

In the day time, I work at a restaurant on the weekends, work for Nike Catering during the week-days, study for my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and write. Well, good luck to myself... Oh boy.


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