My inspiration

Hi readers,

It's been a bit of time since my last post but I am still here. Writing the sequel for my book is difficult but progressing. Also, the first book will be getting a book review as well. Yay! You have to imagine a lot more enthusiasm if that helps.

Naturally, when I talk about my book or share details of it with people, the most common question that I get is where did I get my inspiration from?

That's always a tough question for me since I am a fan of science-fiction cinematography, literature, and whenever my friends just get so excited when they talk about it. Goodness, the list would be a hard to keep short.

I've grown up with I guess. I never imagined that I would be writing. Can you also believe I am considered to be a hobbyist writer too? When I'm not writing, I am working, going to school, and keeping up with my social life.

Difficult? Yes. Possible? Yes to that as well.

"The Human Inside" was something that came to me in a dream. I always thought about creating a world and setting where it would need a reason to come up with characters that could be cool, realistic (emotionally), and just appealed to others. My main character, David 117, was the star of that particular dream. Not a big fancy story actually. It was a simple scene in one night's dreaming stage during REM sleep.

He started out in a hallway, I knew that he was tall, distinguished and courageous. Then it seemed like a good idea, to make him stand out, to be a cybernetic kind of character. The whole dream was about how he explored this supposedly abandoned warehouse while conversing with his mind to his technician helper off-site Mandy Walker, who is a big deal in the book. A lot of sarcasm and wit in the dialogue and voila. I woke up and thought I should write that down.

Now, the idea needed a beginning and an end. In small notes and rough drafts, I wrote a setting, and talked about the conditions needed to mold and shape the characters. The rough drafts fitted together and eventually, I had a story that I would share with friends on facebook who kept asking for more and wondering if I was going to publish.

I looked at them and laughed. Why would I be a published author?

Turns out, it was the biggest understatement of 2015 for me.


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