About Family

Easy topic for some, not so easy for others. I happen to be someone who craves having an ideal family but it turns out I never knew what that was like... until I knew how special my best and closest friends were.

If they read this, I might throw their names in because they deserve to be memorialized for life and also start to be internet sensations. Ha. Just because I can.

But in the book however, there's an iconic sense of family that I want readers to understand how I feel in a sense when I play games or just hangout with my friends. The closer or more often I see people who are amazingly my friends

The life of an amborg is not easy. I mean, what do you normally think of when you're asked and given the opportunity to give up your old life to be the next evolved form of humanity? Again, for some, it's an easy answer. For others, not so much.

Dr. Kendrick picks up these kids off the streets, people with nothing to lose and offers them the chance to be the best chance for humanity. Kids with nothing to lose and they volunteer for it, assuming that they're found in time.

The concept of family in this novel is mostly about sticking with the people that you have. There are families working for Dr. Kendrick that make sure that the amborgs are educated and nurtured in a proper home even with their new lifestyles. In a sense though, when one successfully does become cybernetic (The whole entire process and concept at this point is experimental. It's why it's such a controversy to most of the population), then it is like raising a new group of kids. You can think of yourself as a grammar school teacher or a parent of newborns when it comes to mentoring the amborgs. For non-amborg characters, it's an experience of leading these kids who see the world completely different. Not in a spiritual way, but you know... a new physical way beyond the imagination. At the same time, they grow closer and they turn into one epic family with different backgrounds, stories, ideologies and live together like one of those sitcom families. They make us laugh, keep us entertained and put action in what we like to read or watch on TV.

It's kind of what I want to feel. I mean, I do feel a sense of belonging when my friend Josh pushes me to cosplay or be a spotter for the 501st legion. When Christine delivers medical advice and help when I fall down stairs... or well, it's great when I can talk to people like her. My best friends Jay and Felicity that can keep me thinking about the future. There's more but... I'm going into Urgent Care quickly and well, wish me luck my imaginative readers. I'll come up with more names as I sit and think in the waiting room.

Basically, my creativity never dies as long as I'm with people that makes me feel like taking leaps of faith for them. Yeah I admit, there are a few leaps I wish I didn't take, sucked at, or missed the mark entirely about but... that's what family means for me. One day, I'll settle down and marry someone and have kids but until then, my family remains to this day, my biological relatives and the friends that just give me the motivation to keep getting in the car, fall down stairs, and listen and talk... a lot.

I don't think this was informative about the book... Sorry guys. I'll do better on the next topic.


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